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Pallets Castillo Brasil increases its number of deposits

By August 27, 2022September 30th, 2022Sin categoría
Pallets Castillo Brasil

Pallets Castillo Brasil in 2022 increases its number of deposits from two to four deposits to ensure a greater stock. In this way, we anticipate possible risks and dangers in the supply chain, as a result of the instability existing in the international sawn wood markets and thus be able to guarantee the fulfillment of our customers' orders.

All of them located in the southern region of Brazil, which is the producer of almost 100% of exports of sawn pine wood. Forestry in these regions has contributed to social and economic transformation. These companies have had a positive impact on employment, improving services in remote areas such as health and education or improving infrastructure. On the environmental side, for every hectare of forest planted, there is another hectare of native forest for conservation.