Sale of pallets and sawn wood

Sale to professionals of Europallets, general, CP, customized pallets and sale of sawn wood for international customers.


Do you want to know our products in depth?

Homologated Europallets of pressed blocks or solid wood.

EUR-EPAL: first homologated manufacturer in the province of Castellón, with the number E-019, a product in which we are national leaders in production and sales. Since 2013, EUR and EPAL interchangeable.

Pallets CP model Chemical Pallets.

Chemical Pallets: homologated with the code CP-1045 for the manufacture of this type of pallets.

two-way an four-way pallets.

Our company can manufacture any type of pallet with 2 inlets (bars) and 4 inlets (studs) adapting the pallet to the needs of the client, according to the type of load and the weight that the pallet has to support.

Second hand pallets.

We can supply second quality pallet depending on the use that the client will give it.

Pallets with heat treatment.

HT heat treatment: We are homologated with the HT code ES-012-0009, which guarantees our compliance with the European regulation ISPM-15 for packaging material, being suitable the product for export to any country in the world.

Sawn wood.

We sell wood in all types of sizes, according to the needs of our customers for sale in international markets.