Our Goal

The goal of every organization is to create economic value, but at the same time they must also be to protect the environment and create social value.

Concerned about the environment

Pallets Castillo in collaboration with the City of Soneja will plant trees in the area of the Soneja River, a very busy area in the town. The goal is to remodel this area with native trees and eliminate other invasive plants that are altering the ecosystem.

We recycle and reuse

Different collaborators collect the waste generated in our production process, in order to offer them a second chance, in the elaboration of other products (chipboards, wood blocks, energy, livestock uses, etc).

Green Point

In Pallets Castillo we have our "Green Point", it is a place where we can recycle the rest of the waste generated, outside the production, such as glass, plastic, cardboard, batteries and waste Electronic. The objective of the "Green Point" is also to involve all workers for a responsible use of resources and to implement the habit of recycling in their Lives.